Corporate Incentive Card

Given to an employee or contactor by a company as a reward, incentive or bonus. It offers the business tracking, reporting, cost savings and manual efficiencies. The employee, vendor or contractor gets immediate access to funds through an electronic payment tool. These cards can be single use or reloadable. They are accepted everywhere the card network is accepted including in-stores and online, and can be limited to certain merchants or types of goods. In 2015, the average load onto corporate-funded cards used for consumer and employee/partner incentives was CAD$ 110.

    • Use the funds right away. Funds are available the day of payment, so you no longer have to visit a cheque cashing location or wait for funds to clear at the bank.

    • Keep the card literature. Keep important information about your card in safe place, including terms and conditions, the website address, and the card’s expiration date and policy. Do not keep your PIN information with your card.

    • Report fraud or loss immediately. If the card is lost, stolen or used for purchases without authorization, it may be reissued and the funds can be replaced. Make sure to report any losses or unauthorized purchases to the customer service number immediately.

Check your balance easily. Corporate incentive cards offer the ability to check your balance by phone, text, or online. Check your card balance and track your spending.