Teen Card

Purchased by a parent for a child, a teen card provides a safe, convenient and educational payment option for teens. Teen cards are a type of GPR card that can be reloaded. They are accepted everywhere the card network is accepted including in-stores and online. They also provide parents with options to monitor and control the child’s spending.

  • Prepaid cards for teens are a good way to help young people learn to manage a budget. Cards offer the ability to check your balance by phone, text, or online. Check the card balance to track spending.

  • Parents can reload funds quickly and easily on a teen card. In addition, they can also monitor and control a child’s spending.

  • Keep the card literature. Keep important information about your card in safe place, including terms and conditions, the website address, and the card’s expiration date and policy. Teen cards require registration of personal information in order to reload funds and take advantage of all the product features. Do not keep your PIN information with your card.

  • Report fraud or loss immediately. If the card is lost, stolen or used for purchases without authorization, it may be reissued and the funds can be replaced. Make sure to report any losses or unauthorized purchases to the customer service number immediately.

  • Spend them anywhere, even online. Teen cards be used anywhere the card network is accepted, even online, so look for the best deals.