Cadillac Fairview Introduces New Digital Gift Card Program with Mastercard and EML Payments

Cadillac Fairview (CF) announced enhancements to its gift card program, CF SHOP! The program is supported by a partnership with Mastercard and EML Payments, amongst others.

“To align with today’s digitally connected lifestyle, consumers are seeking digital-first payment options that are both seamless and secure,” said Sohil Tiwari, Senior Vice President, Market Development at Mastercard in Canada. “Powered by Mastercard’s tokenization technology, the CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card, will enable CF shoppers to securely transform any connected mobile device into a payment device, making it easier and more convenient for Canadians to gift and spend at CF’s shopping centres.”

Canadians from coast-to-coast now have the option to buy and receive digital CF gift cards for friends and family with the new CF SHOP! Mastercard® Gift Card through the LiVE by CF app. This single-load prepaid card can be purchased through and is available for use with leading digital mobile wallets including Apple Pay® and Google PayTM for a safe, secure, sustainable, and contactless payment experience at all CF shopping centers. To further meet the needs of Canadians, shoppers will also have the option to link physical CF gift cards to the app for easy access to card balances.

“When CF approached EML to lead the gift card program management as a key feature of the LiVE by CF app, we knew something great was on the horizon,” said Ailie Kofoid, CEO Americas at EML. “With over 10 years of payments experience, our team’s innovative platform helps businesses like CF create desirable customer experiences wherever money is in motion. We are delighted to share and extend our expertise to CF guests and its loyal community.”

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