CBC Radio Talks Earned Wage Access with CPPO Member Ceridian

In a January 25 feature on CBC Radio’s website titled “You shouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to get paid, say proponents of new payroll system,” Seth Ross, the GM in charge of the early wage access service Dayforce Wallet at Ceridian. Ceridian, a human resources and payroll software company based in Toronto and Minneapolis is a CPPO member.

Ross shared his insights on why taking a new approach to payroll through early wage access can change how businesses pay their employees in a way that eliminates the payday model that revolves around a two-week cycle.

“It’s an artifact of legacy technology and legacy processes,” said Seth Ross, who’s in charge of an early wage access service called Dayforce Wallet at Ceridian, a human resources and payroll software company that’s based in Toronto and Minneapolis.

Read more on CBC Radio here. 

Listen to the full interview here.


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