Introducing Payments Futures: Canada’s Payments Thought Leadership Hub


In this Q&A, we chat with Jennifer Tramontana, co-founder and executive director of the CPPO, to discuss the launch of Payments Futures.

Q: What is Payments Futures?

Jennifer: Payments Futures is a digital thought leadership hub that features opinion pieces from industry voices and news coverage from well-known financial services journalists. It is the CPPO’s public-facing newsroom focused on payments innovation news, developments, opinions and studies.

Q: Why did the CPPO create Payments Futures

Jennifer: Canada doesn’t have a lot of media outlets dedicated to original content and news for payments, and it is a challenging environment to get media attention due to relatively few publications and extensive financial services stories to be covered. There’s really only a handful of trade media outlets that cover payments industry topics in Canada compared to dozens in the U.S. and UK. To address this gap in payments industry coverage and instead of Canadian companies needing to farm out content and news internationally, we wanted to create a place for Canadian companies to have their voices heard. Payments Futures is a central source for the entire payments community to publish thought leadership on important topics that need more attention.

Q: Who is featured on Payments Futures

Jennifer: Payments Futures is a hub for original articles about payments innovation from thought leaders. The content is shared in our monthly members’ report and promoted on CPPO’s social media channels providing good visibility for contributors with a targeted group of payments influencers. As a benefit of CPPO membership, members are able to submit two pieces annually that fall within these editorial guidelines. Please reach out to me if you would like to share an article or have a topic in mind.

Q: What type of content does Payments Futures feature?

Jennifer: Payments Futures is a hub for both news and opinions from thought leaders. It is intended to be a repository of payments innovation content, and a place to spur discussion, collaboration and innovation.

Reach out to Jennifer for more information on Payments Futures or to contribute an article or discuss a topic.

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